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Our Story

El Puestito is a culinary journey through the vibrant flavors of Mexico, brought to you by the passionate chef, Ricardo Rodriguez. With a rich history rooted in the heart of Mexico and an unyielding commitment to authentic Mexican cuisine, El Puestito is the embodiment of a lifelong culinary adventure.

Rodriguez's Mexican culinary adventure started decades ago. He honed his skills in the kitchens of various regions across Mexico, immersing himself in the diverse, regional culinary traditions of his homeland. Rodriguez eventually left his hometown in Mexico and immigrated to Chicago.


Rodriguez's culinary journey led him to the creation of El Puestito. Drawing from his extensive experience and deep-rooted love for Mexican cuisine, he brought his unique vision to life on the streets of Chicago. His passion and dedication culminated in the creation of his renowned Pollo Asado recipe, previously mentioned in the Chicago Reader. 

El Puestito isn't just a food truck; it's a testament to the  unwavering commitment to sharing the diverse cuisines of Mexico. From the rich, savory Pollo Asado to an array of other Mexican delicacies.

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